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Our story begins years ago, after discovering tree ferns and marvelling at their impressive size and indisputable beauty. Having learned about their primitive and fascinating history, we went on to try to reproduce them.

After several exciting years, the hobby turned into a true passion, resulting in a wide collection of species from several remote regions of the globe.

The experimentation advanced until we optimised their cultivation and, in 2020, we made the decision to make a formal, professional nursery that specialises in tree ferns, making them available to anyone who wants to take their garden to the next level.

The best tree ferns

Our main objective is to offer a large number of superior-quality tree fern species, from the most common to the most exclusive rarities normally inaccessible to the European market, inviting anyone who yearns to watch a real living fossil grow in their private garden.

We are licensed technicians in landscaping and gardening. Our specimens come from parent plants selected over several generations, ensuring the marked characteristics of each species. They also come with a phytosanitary passport, phytosanitary certificates for export, and a CITES license, since our parent plants were acquired and are regulated complying with all the requirements for their artificial reproduction and breeding under the control of the CITES administrative authorities, a necessary requirement for the commercialisation of these protected species, included in Appendix II.

We offer several options regarding size and price for home delivery. We carefully package the plants with high-quality materials and proven techniques to ensure that your plant gems arrive in perfect condition at their destination.

We have a catalogue of species for wholesale and large specimens intended mainly for professional landscapers and gardeners.

All species, including the most peculiar ones, are available in our online store, offering convenience and guaranteeing that the plant leaves our facilities directly in optimal conditions.

Supreme quality

Our tree ferns are cared for meticulously and completely by hand in the best facilities.

Safe shipping

We pack our ferns with high-quality materials and proven techniques.

Special discounts

We offer discounts to professionals and for purchases in packs.


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