Tree Ferns

300 million years impressing the world

Tree Ferns

Have you ever dreamt of having a truly impressive prehistoric plant in your garden? A tree fern is the most spectacular choice!

Tree ferns are the most astonishing plants in the world. They are among the oldest species on the planet, have been around longer than the dinosaurs, and they have overcome numerous disasters to this day.  

Currently, they are endangered. Many of them are nearly extinct, inhabiting places where human beings have not had enough of an impact to make them disappear completely.

They are veritable living fossils worthy of admiration and conservation.

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Prehistoric Plants

The current tree ferns are descendants of the plants that inhabited planet Earth just under 400 million years ago. They had their heyday in the Carboniferous period, 360 million years ago, creating the coal deposits we see today.

They were one of the first plants to develop a trunk and, even more impressively, they have survived until this day.

Removing them from their natural environment is strictly prohibited, with a few exceptions that some countries strictly regulate.

Today, there are few species left on the planet, and some of them still undocumented.

At The Tree Fern, we grow tree ferns using spores, helping protect these ancient species and providing you with authentic plant gems that will take your garden to the next level.

The Tree Fern Blog

Tree ferns in gardening

Tree ferns are highly appreciated and valued in landscaping, both for their history, and for their architectural aesthetic which fits in with all kinds of construction and design styles.

Its low maintenance is also one of its most appealing attributes: simply admire its imposing beauty and look on in awe at its continuous growth.

They are also a perfect solution for shady areas where other species of plants do not grow properly. They turn the gloomy spaces that plague every garden into the most dazzling part of it.

Usually few to no species are found in conventional plant nurseries, where, in many cases, they do not receive the proper care or storage conditions.

At The Tree Fern we are specialists in tree fern cultivation, We have a broad catalogue of exclusive species and we have ideal facilities for their optimal development. We send our plant treasures to your doorstep through high-quality, self-designed packages so that the plants arrive in excellent condition.


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