Cyathea dregei

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Cyathea dregei, or Alsophila dregei, is a tree fern native to South Africa, Madagascar, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, and Swaziland, where it grows in a variety of environments, such as ravines, forest margins, grasslands, and even in full sun. It is a hardy species; in fact, in its natural habitat, it is common to find it in areas prone to fires.

It is a medium-sized, moderate-growth tree fern. It can reach 5 metres in height, forming a thick, robust, reddish trunk that stands up straight with a dense crown. Its arched fronds can grow up to 3 metres in length.

It is a resistant tree fern that is easy to grow and is suitable for a multitude of locations, as long as enough water is provided. It should ideally be planted in a soil that is rich in organic matter.

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We have written a page for you to learn everything there is to know about this species here: Cyathea dregei.

*The photographs with the potted ferns are our own, done with our plants, but there may be variation from one specimen to another.


The vast majority of tree ferns are included in Appendix II of CITES, which lists the plant species that may become endangered if their trade is not strictly regulated.

The Tree Fern is a specialized tree fern nursery authorized by the CITES administration for the breeding and reproduction of these plant species, assigned code 001CO.

We ship our ferns safely in double cardboard boxes adapted with our own methods to carry the plant in its pot so that it remains upright and supported to withstand the trip in perfect condition, the ferns resist incredibly well in the dark and In closed places for short periods, we water the plants on the day of shipment, we protect and pack them carefully and ship them on Mondays and Tuesdays so that they spend as few days as possible in transport, it should be noted that it is advisable to avoid very hot times to make shipments, since the vehicles of transport companies can reach very high temperatures inside.

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shipping tree fernsWe ship on Mondays and Tuesdays to ensure that the transport time is as short as possible, ensuring that orders arrive at their destination in most parts of the European territory in the same week, although on many occasions the transport companies suffer delays, however you will receive an email with the tracking of your shipment.

Most of our ferns in 3, 5 and 10 liter pots exceed 150cm in height, so they must be pruned to make transport possible, a practice that has no impact on these species, since they continually produce new fronds, drying the old ones. Soon it will look intact!

To send large copies it is recommended to manage the order in a personalized way by contacting us through the contact section of our website or by email contact@thetreefern.com, to consider the possible shipping options to its territory, generally by truck using pallets or by means of special shipments.

Most of the species we produce are described in detail with a page dedicated to each of them in our Blog, category tree ferns species, however you can make any query in the email contact@thetreefern.com or in Contact.

Each species has a different growth habit and bearing, so the size of each specimen in its pot is variable, in addition the plants are at different ages and can be more or less developed within the same pot size, we update the prices depending on the species, its age and the size of the moment, however if you want more information about the available measures of a product do not hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp or through the section Contact from our website.

The plants are put on sale when they are fully developed root, in many cases our specimens in 1.5-liter pots are larger than the usual size in 3-liter pots in nurseries, the sizes depending on the pot vary according to the species and its age:

  • SMALL: From 30 cm to 80 cm in total height depending on the species.helecho arborescente
  • MEDIUM: From 50 cm to 1.5 meters in height depending on the species.the tree fern
  • LARGE: Up to 2 meters in total height depending on the species.helecho arborescente
  • XL: More developed and selected robust specimens, up to 2.5 meters in total height.
  • XXL: Specimens forming a trunk and with the final diameter of the adult species, variable sizes up to 3.5 meters in total height.the tree fern

We accept payments by bank transfer, by card through the secure gateway Redsys, and Bizum.

We ship our ferns in different shapes depending on the species and its size, but always wrapped and generally tied and fastened to a rigid base, in turn fastened to the base of the carrier box to ensure that they do not get hit in transport if the box receives impacts or is improperly positioned and treated.

Carefully open the box from the top and side, cut the fasteners to the rigid base and remove his / her specimens, remove the protections and wrappers and check the humidity level of the substrate, if it is not humid, water as soon as possible.

Check that some leaves or parts of them have not withered or broken, cut the deteriorated areas with a disinfected scissors previously with alcohol, it is usual that in the transport some area can be damaged, but the ferns produce new fronds while leaving the old ones behind, so there is no need to worry.

If you are going to plant it directly, prepare the ground or the pot correctly, you can find a lot of information in our Blog, in the post “care and advice”, on how to locate, plant and maintain your tree fern.

We pack our ferns with high quality resistant materials and very successful techniques, but once the plants leave our premises they are beyond our control, so if you receive a deformed package it is advisable to take pictures before opening it, and if the / The ferns are in poor condition, we also recommend obtaining photographs and contacting us to find a solution with the transport company.

Live plants are items on which the transport companies do not cover damage , but with photographs of the package in poor condition we can try to claim it, however please contact with us to find a friendly solution, your satisfaction comes first.

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